The most important figure in the Romanian literature of the 19th century, with a great influence on literary creation in the following years is Mihai Eminescu (1850–1889), the “national poet”, whose work (poetry, prose, plays and articles) was a permanent challenge for editors and translators. By digitizing, this cultural heritage is open to the public, while protecting the original. Eminescu collection treasured by The Central University Library of Iasi addresses both casual readers and researchers of Eminescu’s work and biography, offering them substantial information. The documentary fund includes rare editions of Eminescu’s work - from the Maiorescu edition in 1883 to the present, manuscripts, musical scores and other documents related to his activity as a director of the Central Library in Iași (from 1874 to 1875) and as a librarian (from 1884 to 1886). We encourage the potential donors to learn more about this collection and donating items to Mihai Eminescu collection.

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